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800 Zoom Calls and One Year on for Sara Tye’s Solopreneur’s Consultancy

Following one full year running the Master Your Own PR programme, Sara Tye shares her findings that 75% of businesses out of 500 questioned said they needed to learn PR.

This proves that many individuals and solopreneurs are still finding it extremely difficult to promote their businesses.

The Master your own PR programme was set up by Tye to help businesses through the pandemic and onwards, teaching entrepreneurs how to raise their profile and gain traction on and off social media to become hugely successful.

Sara, who’s worked in PR for almost 40 years, with nearly 20 of those running RedheadPR, her own highly successful PR agency, says “I have a good understanding of what businesses need and when COVID happened and lockdown hit, I knew it was time to take my PR coaching online. I’ve seen a lot of people trying to get traction on social media and in other places as well, yet they’re not doing it properly. This is why there’s a big focus on this in the Master Your Own PR programme.” 

In fact, Tye started free strategy consultancy meetings via Zoom last June 2020, right when the pandemic was hitting businesses hard, and 800 calls later, and with about 1000 people watching her free workshop, Sara has a great understanding of what businesses need, which is exactly what she shares in her coaching and in Master Your Own PR. Tye really does understand the dreadful need that businesses have right now when it comes to raising their profile.

And you can hear it from those already studying the Master Your Own PR programme, as Nadine shares, “Thank goodness I’m doing your course. I have a much better understanding of the work I need to do”.

In Master Your Own PR, business owners learn about developing their brand, working out their audience, running their own social media platforms, engaging with journalists and writing press releases, plus how to be a YouTube influencer.

It’s interesting to note how effective Sara’s PR knowledge is, because she really gives it a personal touch, depending on who she’s working with.

Sara explains that, “Many entrepreneurs from around the world have been attending my free webinars that introduces them to Mastering Your Own PR, which talks about the 4 steps needed to help them become more organised and informed with their PR and marketing. These businesses range from between one and ten years, some even older, yet some are start ups too. The thing is, most of them just don’t understand how PR works. They need more knowledge on how to stand out from the crowd, with 30% of those that I surveyed needing help growing their businesses overall.”

Sara has coached business owners from all walks of life, from brand owners, to jewellers, artists, consultants, agencies, fashion designers, retailers, and food manufacturers, which goes to show how effective she is with her knowledge, yet also, how wide the knowledge gap is in every business division.

Following her own successes in the marketing and PR industry, working for big-name brands such as The Body Shop, NHS, Nokia, and more, Tye was inspired to conceive the idea for Mastering Your Own PR.

The program utilises Tye’s own expertise and insider knowledge to create a detailed, revolutionary guide for prospective new entrepreneurs and existing business owners looking to sharpen their public relations and social media skills.

To join Master Your Own PR and be coached by Sara, visit this link

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