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Ark Jewellery scoops prestigious nominations

Kent based Ark Jewellery’s award worthy creations have been recognised by the jewellery industry and Kristina Smith has been nominated in the ‘Rising Star ‘category of the Professional Jeweller’s Power List 2021, an initiative launched two years ago to celebrate the movers and shakers in the UK jewellery trade.

Kristina is listed amongst inspiring and innovative individuals who, even during this past year, have been busy blazing a trail and playing their part to keep business booming come rain or shine. It has not been an easy time to be working within the UK jewellery sector and in recognition of this, the Professional Jeweller wanted to shine a light on the people working for jewellery retailers and suppliers who are pushing boundaries in the market.

The Power List is an opportunity to recognise some of the individuals behind those organisations and highlight the commendable and tireless work they do.

Furthermore, in June Kristina was a finalist in the UK Jewellery Awards ‘Creative Jewellery Design’ category. This prestigious Award is one of the UK’s longest running and most prestigious trade awards events for the jewellery and watch industry showcased by Retail Jeweller. Over 430 entries were received for this year’s awards and the shortlist sees finalists recognised in 20 categories spanning everything from design and supply through to retail and customer service.

The winners of the UK Jewellery Awards will be announced in September 2020 at the Awards ceremony, held within the UK Jewellery Festival Trade Event.

Filling the void left by UK trade shows because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Jewellery Festival Trade Event will be a carefully curated, boutique buying experience, placing the very latest jewellery and watch collections and products in front of retail jeweller’s highly engaged audience of senior retail decision makers and buyers.

Speaking about her wins and latest pieces, Kristina Smith said: “Art without a story is meaningless. But like all good art, my pieces give you room to discover your own emotions, connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.  I am so pleased I have been awarded these accolades as it confirms my hard work in this industry is paying off”

Earlier this year during the lockdown Kristina participated in the ‘Getting Started 2021’ event, organised by the Goldsmith Centre, the UK’s leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths. The Centre brings together emerging and established goldsmiths with those interested in jewellery, silversmithing and the allied industries.

After a weeklong intensive learning Kristina was selected amongst nine other candidates to be featured in the Centre’s Spotlighting ‘Meet the Maker’ interview and promotional programme.

The interview is going live on July 28th at 13:00 – 13:30 and you can watch Kristina as well as the other upcoming designers talking about their work, inspirations, and stories worthy of listening via the link where you can sing up for the event:

This is an especially important event to discover new and emerging talents in the jewellery, silversmithing and allied industries and Kristina values not just the opportunity to introduce Ark Jewellery but to connect with other creative craftsmen and to work with the Goldsmith Centre in future.

From the moment Kristina Smith set up Ark Jewellery in late 2019, the brand has prioritised the use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices.

Her collections are available via the website:

BIO Kristina Smith

Kristina was born into an artist’s family. She grew up surrounded by painters and an eccentric actress, absorbing their artistic thoughts and experiences. Her story also emanates from the personal paintings and heirlooms that have long been part of her family home, offering their own stories for generations to come.

Kristina was offered a place at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at the London Metropolitan University. It was of course a dream come true. But like many artists, from studying what you love to finding the courage to turn that love into a business took her along a scenic route.

​A true entrepreneur at heart, she founded her own recruitment company and coached young people seeking a career change and pushing their passion. This drive focused her own attention on her interests, and in 2019, the Ark Jewellery was born.

From day one, Kristina used recycled or fair-trade materials. Without a doubt, the jewellery business has a particular reputation and disregard for the planet through mining. As an artist, she believes the passion to create art is not just to make a perfect material to create beauty, but also to educate and raise awareness.

Being intrigued by new technologies and 3D design printing, she explored the boundaries of what we can do that are perceived as precious, mixing unusual materials such as wood and fine metals, incorporating gemstones into designs that are elegantly inspired by the fragility and beauty of nature.

A visit to the Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia, Spain captivated her imagination, and the eternal beauty of the repetitive patterns, colours and tranquillity throughout the palace led her to incorporate these feelings of stillness and eternity into some of her latest collections.

Art without a story is meaningless. But as all good art, Kristina’s pieces give you room to discover your own emotions, connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.

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