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Human Rights and Our Environment

We’ve been involved with human rights ever since redheadPR began trading. Sara Tye founded Sophia, part of the international movement of women, through the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS. More than half of the 33 million adults living with HIV are women and, since 2002, the number of women living with HIV has risen in every region of the world. In sub-Saharan Africa, 59% of adults with HIV are women.

redheadPR ran the communications campaign for the Global Canopy Programme and the Forests Now Declaration. We’re also committed to ensuring that forests and the people and animals that depend on them are recognised on the climate change agenda.

Sara Tye has campaigned against Shell and the degradation of the Ogoni people’s land in Nigeria. She also participated in the What Women Want campaign that gives a voice to women everywhere, and worked globally with The Body Shop on human rights, animal rights and environmental campaigns.


At redheadPR, our interest in – and knowledge of – matters environmental goes back a long way.

The people here have been worked with Thames Water, a guardian of public health, BT and its implementation of ISO14001 and pioneer of corporate social responsibility, the late Dame Anita Roddick and her Body Shop empire.

We’ve also worked with the Global Canopy Programme and its Forests Now Declaration, the RSA, Defra and Acre Resources, the leading CSR and climate-change recruitment agency.

And that’s not all: as well as Future Forests, now The CarbonNeutral Company, fair trade brands, Green & Black’s, and Belu Spring are also among the growing redheadPR client list.

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