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RENATA Knitwear launches a new top and colour in their growing collection

RENATA Knitwear launches a new top and colour in their growing collection

Dorota Dragon, founder of the luxury independent knitwear brand RENATA Knitwear, is delighted to announce the release of a much-anticipated design and colour combination.

The Pointelle Knit Top with Short Sleeves is available now in a timeless Tea Rose hue. This understated yet eye-catching knit top is guaranteed to remain fashionable forever and will fit a wide variety of looks.

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Dorota says of the new release, “I am incredibly excited to start making this new top design, something that has been in the works for a while now. I recommend wearing this with a skirt or jeans for the weekend, or with tailored trousers and mules to turn heads at the office. It really fits well with anything!”

Ever since forming her knitwear company at the start of 2021, Dorota has had a keen desire to produce high-quality, long-lasting clothing for her customers. Her latest creation is certainly in line with her brand ethos. The top is made out of 100% Merino wool from Italy. This provides a soft and smooth texture, which is also in part thanks to the longer fibre lengths in comparison to regular wool. Not to mention that the wool is sourced from the UK and the knitwear is made in the UK as well.

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As with all of RENATA Knitwear’s products, the Pointelle Knit Top will only be made to order using computerised Stoll knitting machines in an effort to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

The Pointelle Knit Top with Short Sleeves in Tea Rose is currently on sale for £80 on the RENATA Knitwear website, and can be made in either small, medium or large sizes. For proper maintenance and to avoid damage, you must only wash gently by hand and refrain from using the tumble dryer.

If you’d love to receive more information regarding RENATA Knitwear, please call them on 07926 411485, send a Facebook message to @renataknitwear or Tweet @renataknitwear.

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Dorota Dragon is the founder of RENATA Knitwear, a luxury independent knitwear brand which specialises in the design and creation of premium sweaters and tops which you can wear all year round.

Dorota’s passion for knitting and crocheting sweaters started from childhood. She initially started making clothing for dolls, but after gaining experience in a dedicated knitting school she began to make sweaters of varying patterns for other people too.

Life took a different course for a while, and Dorota spent some time pursuing other passions. But her love for knitting was always there. Therefore, she decided to start her own company selling her own knitwear, made with the same passion and desire she had held in her heart since she was a child.

Going from crocheting to using a knitting machine, the next step for Dorota was to learn the modern art of computerised Stoll knitting machines. After undertaking a course on how to use the machines, she opened up a studio in Worcester, UK, at the start of 2021. This is where the story of RENATA Knitwear began, and continues to thrive to this day.

Based in the United Kingdom, Dorota sources her wool and cashmere from Italy and from English suppliers. Dorota understands the value of higher quality clothes if that last a long time and are specially designed to be fashionable forever. This makes her knitwear more sustainable, and she also aims to be as environmentally-friendly as possible by only making clothes to order.

Dorota has sold sweaters and tops to customers around the world through her online store, and is very grateful for each and every purchase that has been made to date. She aspires to expand her offerings and sell her products at other stores as well.

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