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The Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy Launches

Oxfordshire based Rebellious Business is proud to announce the launch of its new Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy..

The Academy follows in the footsteps of Rebellious Business in coaching and training entrepreneurs

in the service industry to scale up their business towards six figures.

The Academy combines the principles of Rebellious Business into a training program designed to

carry new entrepreneurs through their first year in business, connecting together a community of

like-minded business owners, offering both a place for entrepreneurs to network as well as a

platform from which to learn the principles of business success. A one-year membership to the

Academy includes a host of benefits, such as:

– Access to the ‘Rebellious 10K Bootcamp’ and the ‘Scale Like a Six Figure Rebel’ training programs

– One to one calls with your own accountability coach

– A weekly mastermind Q & A with founder Cordelia Kate

– Marketing clinics and hot seat sessions

– Implementation support and coursework feedback

– Industry-leading guest expert training

– Monthly mindset workshops

– Weekly meditation and journaling sessions

The Rebellious Business Academy takes a holistic approach to business, working hard to help its

students to realise their full potential. The Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy is the creation of

Cordelia Kate, a business coach and the founder of Rebellious Business. It’s designed for beginner

entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed by the steep learning curve of starting a new business

and worried that they don’t know how to ‘make it’ in the market.

Founder Cordelia Kate says: “Being a Rebellious Entrepreneur is about authentically showing up in

your marketing as the ambassador of your brand. If you are running a business in the service based

industry, YOU are the product, and if you rep your brand Rebelliously, you attract the kind of clients

into your business that you’re going to want to throw a party for. Our academy has been designed to

support you with growing your business to 6-Figures, but really, it’s not about the money, it’s about

embracing who you are and connecting with your audience by building strong, long-lasting


The Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy is a bright opportunity for fresh faces in businesses to gain

access to a network of over 750 organisations and benefit from the expert advice and guidance of

the successful team behind Rebellious Business. The Academy encourages its students to harness

their own natural talents and abilities while learning world-class social media and marketing

techniques that will take their business to the next level.

Business owners interested in joining the one-year program at the Rebellious Entrepreneurs

Academy can apply online today at

Cordelia Kate Biography

Cordelia Kate is founder of Rebellious Business. Her extensive experience in business, entrepreneurial flair and human understanding is the foundation on which the Rebellious Business Network was born, and that: “social distancing DOES NOT mean social disconnection”

Rebellious means being wildly authentic: the wildest, most extreme VERSION of you. Rebellious Business’ ethos therefore is believing that you are the USP of your business and you are building the whole business on the basis of “community over competition”; people can take your ideas but they can’t take YOU. Being a Rebellious Entrepreneur is going against the grain, it’s being the wildest most extreme version of you, it’s levelling up and starting to really take your business into a new realm by using world class marketing techniques that magnetise your dream clients into your space. 

Rebellious Business is a radical new international business concept bringing together networking, bootcamps, community learning, coaching, collaboration, events and 1:1 relationships on and offline.

She has created a network of over 400 organisations which allows members to support and learn from each other, Cordelia’s aim is to build a global vibrant community of like-minded business owners.

Previously, Cordelia who had always dreamt of using her empathy and compassion to help people, saw her leave waitressing and become a healthcare assistant on the Bone Infection Unit. Subsequent to this, she completed her Nursing Diploma and worked as a registered nurse on the Surgical Emergency Unit – this was quite the feat, as Cordelia left school at the age of 13, and without any formal education, she had to carry out her Diploma via an access course.

While Cordelia loved nursing, the passion she has for business and connection meant launching Rebellious Business at the start of lockdown. She now works fulltime on the business.

Rebellious Business allows her to still help people while improving their lives.

In addition to founding Rebellious Business, she has been running successful online webinars for 2½ years in her capacity as an online business coach. Cordelia is also an ambassador for, which is an online business education company with around 4,000 members. This saw her giving more back to the business community by teaching online lessons in business strategy to budding entrepreneurs.

Her work with and her commitment to helping people succeed in business then saw Cordelia be asked to join the board. This allowed her role to develop further and she now supports its members on business strategy and systems. To further advance her career in this area, Cordelia completed her Mastercoach course and became an accredited Master of Coaching.

Ever the entrepreneur, Cordelia also ran Toyride. A company that sold toy cars online and gave her a great grounding in the nuances of e-commerce.

Cordelia worked as a full-time waitress in the prestigious Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill restaurant. Her talents were soon recognised and she became an ambassador for the company. Her success in this ambassadorial role then led her to become an in-store trainer for Loch Fyne at the tender age of just 17. This allowed Cordelia to not only hone her managerial skills but also gain valuable experience of working at a high level for a top brand.

By the age of 18, Cordelia’s success at Loch Fyne then saw her asked to work at top chef Jamie Oliver’s new flagship restaurant. This enabled her to become a key part of the opening team and gave her the opportunity to receive training from Jamie Oliver directly and also highly respected Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo.

In her personal life, Cordelia has three children and enjoys travelling, attending live events, listening to chilled house music, sampling world foods and watching crime thrillers.

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