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Woodward Financials Sponsors Olympic Dressage Hopeful

Leading National Wealth Management firm Woodward Financials and Managing Director David Woodward are delighted to be the main sponsor of Olympic Dressage hopeful Megan Brown.

Woodward Financials recently awarded Best Independent Wealth Management Firm of 2021 knows how to win, they continue to lead the way within financial service, breaking the mould and smashing down barriers.  Their investment knowledge and technology advancements at the cutting edge of wealth management. 

David Woodward said “There are many parents who give up time to help their children succeed and achieve their goals, those that go on to compete on the world stage become role models for others and I am very keen to promote this.  Megan who is already a role model and trainer for my children and I was allowed the opportunity to witness her, unique engagement with her students. Her skill, determination, and commitment, help me decide who would carry our leading wealth management brand.”

Megan commented “Thank you to Woodward financials for supporting young riders and giving them great opportunities”

Pippa Hutton added “Megan is a credit to us and I am very much looking forward to having her working for me in November.  Megan is a talented, hardworking young rider. She is very dedicated, and I have no doubt she will make her dreams become reality”

Woodward said “No matter who you are, if you are given a chance, then you should take it and be the best within your pursuit”

Megan will be competing at Prestige Equine in late November and Prix St Georges (PSG) in 2022 and working towards the European soon after and the pinnacle prize of representing Great Britain at the 2028 Olympics to be held in Los Angeles.

Megan a 20-year-old up and coming Dressage rider from the Northeast of England, is currently attending ‘Talland School of Equitation in Cirencester’, where she is gaining her BHS exams and currently training with both Pippa and Pammy Hutton who have been a massive part of her journey so far. Megan’s horse ‘Shannon’ was an unworked feral horse that was given to Megan, with a little training and hard work ‘Shannon’ who is now 11-year-old will be competing at PSG in 2022. Megan who has been riding for as long as she can remember has been competing for well over a decade and with the right team around her, has all the training, skill, and ability to fly the flag for Great Britain.

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Notes to editors

David Woodward, Managing Director, Woodward Financials Biography

David Woodward is the Managing Director responsible for client investments and business transactions, he is heavily involved with all of the company’s support staff to make sure new and existing clients get the service they expect.

David who has worked in finance for many years, he started his client facing career as a Stockbroker and gained his qualifications as an Independent Financial Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Insurance and The London Institute of Banking and Finance. David understands the importance of professional qualifications, but knows qualifications are no substitute for time served investment experience, he continues building on his personal skill set of trading the world markets which allows him to provide first hand updates to clients.

David is now building on the service they offer with leading technology and has a road map to list on the London Stock Exchange as well as launching their own range of investment funds.

David sets the bar high thus giving a better chance of clients having flexibility, security and choices in retirement.

On a personal front David is married to Petra and has two children. He enjoys music, sailing and travel. David is also a competitive ageing martial artist and, although getting on in years, still competes at the odd International tournament.

                                                                      Woodward Financials Backgrounder

Your investment is driven by technology

Our investment strategy is cutting edge, we have an innovative approach to investing unique to Woodward Financials.

Our technology drives our proven in-house ‘Super Algorithm’ which monitors the investment markets 24 hours a day 7 days a week putting Woodward Financials light years ahead of any wealth management firm.

We also use the very best analytical software to select the investments to be held within our model portfolios and we act swiftly to make sure our client portfolios perform at their absolute optimum. In addition to this our support team monitors every investment held by every client every working day.

Our advisers act in your very best interests

Thanks to our unique algorithm and experience we are tentatively leading the way with second to none investment performance, meaning each month that goes by will make a real difference to your financial goals, but we are not stopping there, we are enhancing the algorithm further.

Investments are designed to be held for a longer-term, usually at least 5 years. You need to be comfortable with tying up this money for a period and should not consider investments unless you have some savings in place. The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested.

Planning for your financial future

We offer a wide range of services from Inheritance tax planning to pension transfers. See our full list of services below.

Planning your future can be challenging like starting a giant jigsaw puzzle where pieces in the distance are too blurry to make out, each piece takes consideration, once planned they form a clear path for you to progress short term, you might simply wonder how much to spend on holidays this year or when to upgrade your car?

But what about the bigger questions, like when can you retire how much income you will get in retirement, will it be enough, how can you organise your wealth so you don’t pay too much tax and more importantly how can you live a life without regrets to add to the uncertainty of life events such as redundancy or illnesses.

Working with you and your money

Our new cash flow modelling software allows us to plan together to project your financial future helping you to visualise, take stock and act, we develop a clear picture of your situation and assess where your money might take you, what’s more the software includes advanced scenario planning meaning we can apply hypothetical financial shocks to your forecasts to better prepare you should any bad news be lurking ahead.

We won’t leave it there however with ongoing support and guidance we’ll make sure your way forward is clear of unknowns leaving any guesswork, well and truly behind you, let’s plan your future and we’ll revisit each year to make sure you are on course to hit your goals.

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